Emilie Bouhsira

Emilie Bouhsira

Keynote Speaker

Emilie Bouhsira (DVM, MSc., PhD, Dip. EVPC, EBVS® Specialist in Parasitology) is an Associate Professor in Parasitology at the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, France since 2015.

Her research area mainly focuses on vector-borne agents, especially flea-borne pathogens and agents transmitted by the stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans, and resistance to insecticides in fleas and flies. She has more than 10 years of experience in the design and the realisation of clinical studies aiming at determining the efficacy of ectoparasiticides against fleas, flies, sandflies and mosquitoes in cats and dogs. She is the organizer of the Entomology Summer course, continuing education course dedicated to Medical and Veterinary Entomology.

Emilie is the current Secretary of the European Veterinary Parasitology College and the President of ESCCAP-France.

All Sessions by Emilie Bouhsira

2023 EVPC Annual General Meeting - Day 2 30/6/2023
10:30 - 12:00

Scientific Session: Parasite control

Agora 001 Amphitheater
From a historical point of view (10 min): Emilie Bouhsira
Keynote lecture (30 min): Domenico Otranto
Free communications (50 min)