Jean Dupouy-Camet

Jean Dupouy-Camet

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Jean Dupouy-Camet is, since 2017, Emeritus Professor of Medical Parasitology & Mycology in Paris Cité University. He has been head of the department of Parasitology- Mycology of Cochin Hospital (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, France) for 11 years. He holds a MD (general practice), a specialization in Tropical medicine, a degree in Medical Mycology (Institut Pasteur, Paris) and a PhD in Parasitology, all obtained in Paris University. He is past president of the International Commission on Trichinellosis, past general secretary of the French Society of Parasitology and past President of the European Federation of Parasitologists. He is member of the French veterinary Academy and editor of the Bulletin of the French Veterinary Academy.

He has published more than 250 scientific papers (184 in Medline) in the field of various aspects of parasitology, molecular aspects of parasitology (PCR, sequencing, identification), tropical medicine, medical mycology, trichinellosis, diphyllobothriosis, toxoplasmosis… He coordinated two books "La trichinellose, une zoonose en évolution” with Claude Soulé, OIE ed. and “Guidelines for the surveillance, management, prevention and control of trichinellosis” with Darwin Murrell, FAO,OIE, WHO eds. He also wrote a small historical book “La mission d’étude française de 1866 sur la trichinose en Allemagne”, L’Harmattan ed. and for several books chapters (trichinellosis, diphyllobothriosis, ocular toxoplasmosis). He is now involved in the One Health working group of the French Vet Academy.

He received in August 2008 and July 2016, the Medal of the European Federation of Parasitologists and in August 2014 the "Distinguished Achievement Award” of the World Federation of Parasitologists. Since May 26, 2015, Jean Dupouy-Camet is Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of Parasitology, Teheran University of Medical Sciences. He is honorary member of the Serbian and of the Egyptian societies of Parasitology.

His two most quoted publications (> 320 in Google scholar) are Trichinellosis: a worldwide zoonosis Veterinary Parasitology, 2000, 93 (3-4), 191-200 and Opinion on the diagnosis and treatment of human trichinellosis Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy, 2002, 3 (8), 1117-1130.

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2023 EVPC Annual General Meeting - Day 2 30/6/2023
13:30 - 15:15

Scientific Session: Food-borne parasites

Agora 001 Amphitheater
From a historical point of view (10 min): Jean Dupouy-Camet
Keynote lecture (30 min): Frédéric Grenouillet
Free communications (65 min)